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APW - Health Facility Mapping


APW – Health Facility Mapping

  • Job Title: APW – Health Facility Mapping
  • Organization Name: World Health Oranization – WHO
  • Location: Islamabad
  • Number of Vacancies: 1
  • Gender: Both
  • Closing Date: 2021-05-21
    1. Purpose of the Consultancy

    The purpose of this assignment is to conduct complete health facility mapping in six selected districts of Pakistan in order to facilitate roll out of service availability and readiness assessment (SARA) survey to 6 more districts.


    1. Background

    2.1      The SRHR Project/Initiative

    Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is based on the principle that all individuals and communities have equitable access to their needed health care, in good quality, without suffering financial hardship. UHC helps drive better health and development outcomes. Achieving UHC by 2030 has been endorsed as one of the Targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

    Pakistan is progressively moving towards phased implementation of UHC Benefit Package of Pakistan (Essential Package of Health Services and Inter-sectoral interventions) that has included SRHR interventions. Islamabad Capital Territory implemented the UHC benefit package defined at federal level on pilot basis in 2020. Mapping of health facilities was done in ICT as a prerequisite to SARA implementation.

    2.2 Rationale

    The Government has, since then, undertaken various efforts to gather critical information that aim to fill the current knowledge gaps in regard to SRHR related matters within the country. For example, a comprehensive service availability and readiness assessment (SARA) was conducted in ICT in 2020 as a baseline before implementation of the UHC benefit package on a pilot basis. Thereafter, SARA has been rolled out to 6 more districts (one in each Province and areas) and trainings for data collection are underway. In order to have baseline information through SARA for all 12 districts in phase I of the UHC benefit package implementation, there is need to roll out this assessment to the remaining 6 priority districts.

    The Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination (MoNHSR&C) with the support of WHO, therefore, would like to roll out comprehensive Service Availability Readiness and Assessment (SARA) survey with respect to SRHR in the remaining 6 UHC benefit package phase one priority districts. However, before implementation of SARA, it is a prerequisite to conduct mapping of the health facilities in the selected districts to generate a comprehensive list that would be used to sample health facilities for SARA survey data collection.


    3.0Objectives for the Mapping exercise

    • To map all the health facilities in selected districts of Pakistan including both private and public sector and compile a master facility list (MFL) to be used for the SARA survey.


    4.0 Planned Timelines: A total of 85 working days spread over the following time frame.

    Start date: 15th May 2021

    End date: 14th July 2021


    5.0 Work to be performed


    The consultant (s)/ consulting firm is expected to liaise with the Ministry focal points on Health Systems Strengthening and SRHR, Technical Officer SRHR and National Professional Officer (NPO) Reproductive Maternal New-born Child Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) in the WCO, NPOs- RMNCAH in selected provinces and other stakeholders in undertaking this task.


    S/he / They are expected to undertake the following:


    Output 1

    • Prepare an inception report that provides timelines and methodology for the assignment.

    o   Key variable information to be recorded will include health facility address, type, location (urban, rural), structure, major nearby landmarks etc (to be discussed with Ministry & WHO team).

    • Review methodology and work plan for the assignment in collaboration with WCO and Ministry focal points.
    • Identify, recruit and train a team for health facility mapping in selected districts of Pakistan in line with assignment objectives
    • Conduct mapping of all health facilities in line with assignment objectives
    • Record geo location of health facilities and develop electronic database for MFL with key variable information to be used for future SARA surveys (see Output 2)
    • Present the draft report and MFL from the mapping exercise to Ministry and WCO focal points.
    • Incorporate the feedback from Ministry, Provinces/ Areas and WHO Country Office (WCO) to finalize the activity report along with the district MFL.


    Output 2:  Using IT technology and development of online dashboard (web portal) with GIS mapping of public & private health facilities along with information collected.


    • Development of GIS enabled Android app for data collection during survey from health facilities
    • Development of online dashboard (web portal) with synching of data, tabulation, mapping and providing following features

    o   Chosen district maps, UC Boundaries and Population

    o   Settlements / Villages of rural and urban areas

    o   Main roads and hydrology

    o   Marked Health (public & private) facilities

    o   GIS Layers as per health facility types

    o   Graphs, tables, thematic maps to show status of HR and basic services

    o   Option for relocation of health facilities/ adding new health facilities (admin panel)

    o   Linkage with PHIS dashboard


    For this dashboard (web portal), we propose Open Source technology for server-side as this is highly scalable, robust, secure, low-cost and conforms to Open standards. There is no licensing cost involved in development or deployment of the system. For client side, the user will be free to use any web browser of their choice on any operating system.

    6.0 Deliverables

    1: Health Facility Survey Tools and Implementation Plan

    2: Data of Health Facilities

    3: GPS enabled Android App for Data Collection

    4: Web based Dashboard with GIS Capability with GIS layered analysis on marked health facilities and health houses

    5: Migration of the web-based portal to the Ministry’s hosting server.



    Payment Schedule

    First Deliverable: Signing of contract  (0% Payment)

    Second Deliverable: Submission of Health Facility Survey Tools and Implementation Plan and GPS enabled Android App for Data Collection 31st  May 2021  (30% Payment)

    Third Deliverable: Submission of Health Facilities Data, Web based Dashboard with GIS Capability. By 31st June 2021.(50% Payment)

    Fourth Deliverable: Migration of the web-based portal to the Ministry’s hosting server by 15th July 2021. (20% Payment)


     7.0Technical Supervision

    The selected Consultant/ consulting firm will work under the direct supervision of:

    Responsible Officer:

    Technical Officer – SRHR and National Professional Officer -RMNCAH


    WHO Representative / Head of Office

  • Qualifications required

    Individual consultants: At least Master’s degree in Public Health or Social Science or Information Technology (IT). Demonstrable knowledge of public health/ SRHR/ primary health care issues in Pakistan and survey methodology.


    Consultancy firms: Have a dedicated team of public health/ IT professionals committed to this assignment with demonstrable knowledge of public health/ SRHR/ primary health care issues in Pakistan. Past experience of carrying out similar mapping in Pakistan. Have the necessary authorization to carry such type of work in Pakistan. Demonstrated experience of having worked in all the 4 provinces.

    Experience required

    –        At least ten years work experience in Public Health in Pakistan and experience of working with government.

    –        At least 5 years’ experience of conducting large scale mapping surveys in Pakistan

    –        At least 2 years’ experience of developing GIS enabled Android app for data collection



    –        Excellent interpersonal, oral communication, writing and documentation skills.

    –        Ability to meet tight deadlines and to work effectively under pressure.

    –        Computer skills


    Language requirements

    –        Fluent in English (reading, speaking and writing)

    –        Knowledge of local languages for effective communication at field level.

How to Apply:

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