SKYIANS is striving to illustrate the powerful link between local and global changes. By combing micro and macro-level activities. All programs have been developed to meet the request from many individuals and organizations (National & International). And to respond to a clear need for more effective planning, research. And the implementation of sustainable development in the communities. 

SKYAINS distinguishes from other organizations that she has been governed by the democratic system. And working not in a specific field of life as United Nations explains Social Welfare as “ a state of complete physical, mental and social well being & not merely the amelioration of specific social evils”. So, SKYIANS provide those organized activities that are primarily and directly concerned. With the conservation, protection, and improvement of Human Resources which includes Education, Health, Human Rights, Infrastructure development, Leadership, Governance, Culture, Women & Children, Minorities, and Capacity building of the members and others. With the aim to bring various resources. To bear an individual, groups, and community needs by the application of scientific methods. For helping people to help themselves.

Various Activities:

SKYIANS since inception serving humanity and implemented various activities. To achieve the objectives of the organization. Along with the requirements of national and international clients. All activities show the concept of a participatory approach. And involving all segments of society including Persons With Special Needs (PWSNs).

So, the SKYIANS activities and actions also reflect the direct and indirect beneficiaries’ interactions.