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Appeal for Donation

“A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world.”

For Flood Victims

Flood Support


Pakistan is continuously facing floods at different part of the country. SKYIANS is working with communities on Pre-Disaster, during Disaster and Post-Disaster activities.

 Support Us for Disaster Risk Reduction Projects.

For Education


We are dealing with 37% literacy rate. Even those who are termed as “Literate” are only able to read
and write, which in today’s technology oriented world is still considered as illiteracy.

Contribute in our Out of School Children Project.

For Health


Healthy nation is always productive nation. We have many concerns of mother and child health, emergency, nutrition and reproductive health etc.We Need Your funding for Health related projects.

For Livelihood


Poverty in Pakistan is the root causes of all evils. SKYIANS is committed to strengthen the Social, Human, Natural, Physical and Economic Capital of the communities. We need your support to achive this long lasting goal.

Funding required for our innovative Livelihood Program.

For Child Protection



Juvenile Justice is found only in the black dictionary of Law. Lets protect our future from all type of evils.

Donate Generously for our own Children Project. 

For Community Development



We believe that the critical forces of change come from within each community. Our
challenge is to find ways to strengthen the capacity of local groups to transform their society.

Grants required for Community Development Program.

For Water & Sanitation


Wet my soul with pure drinking water is the solgan of SKYIANS. We are developing projects of sand filter and community oriented sanitation system. Our WASH projects alway complement the Health and Education activities.

Fund for our Sand Filter Plants project.

For Human Rights



Article 8-28 provides fundamental rights in the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Lets implement it.

We need extensive funding for protection and promotion Human Rights Program.

For Women Empowerment



Women often work more than men, but paid less,  gender discrimination affects girls and women throughout their lifetime; and women and girls are often are the ones that suffer the most poverty.

Please Fund for Project Hawa Ke Bati.

For Youth Development



SKYIANS was established by a Youth group. Let the cream of the nation to bring innovation through volunteerism.

We need your money to Youth Development Program.

For Environmental Protection



Sustainable Development means; utilizing the current resources without endangering the future generation.

Funding required for Environmental Protection Action Plan.

For Minority & Indigenous Rights



Pakistan was created by the minorities of Sub-Continent but now many minorities are struggling for basic Human Rights. Who will tell the indigenous people about their strength.

Donate for Minority Rights Project.

For Election 2013



If you want change? than you must know that General Election 2013 is a wake up call.

We need funding for SKYIANS Governance Program.

For Human Development


Human Development is the key to produce active, productive and energetic talent through polishing with research based knowldge.

Send your funds for SKYIANS Human Resource Development Center.

For Social Welfare


Social Welfare as “ a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing & not merely the 
amelioration of specific social evils”.  United Nation.

Donate us for our Social Welfare Action.

For Support for IDPs


Pakistan is in state of war. We are fighting alone the “Global War on Terrorism” many become homeless and hopeless, lets support them.

Send your donations for IDPs Rehabilitation Program.

For Research Work


SKYIANS developed Community Research Based Projects.

Funds are required for our Research Activities.

Yet even the greatest minds fall short of the ideal research paper.

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