Field Coordinator of SKYIANS is a development professional equipped with Master Level Education in Project Management from (SZABIST) and in Development Studies from (COMSATS) with 13 years of demonstrated experience in Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation in Community Development and Humanitarian contexts. I have proven expertise of Programme Coordination, Implementation and Monitoring in sectors of HIV AIDS, WASH, Education, Natural Resource Management and Livelihoods and Social Protection cross-cutting themes in humanitarian response interventions as well in development programming.



At SKYIANS I have generated the grant applications of 22 PTAs and CBOs in ICT region for reestablishing the reading culture of primary public school children. I achieved the target of 02 quarters in just 20 days to bring the project activities on track and smooth progress.

With Other Organizations

In CRS HIV & AIDS program I have established 10 CHBC (Community home based & care) sites in the two provinces (Sind & Punjab) of Pakistan and also Coordinated finalization of assessment & selection of Partners in Sind and Punjab. I achieved the registration target of 1500 PLHIVs (people living with HIV & Aids) in both the Provinces. And, I also initiated the livelihood activities in all CHBC sites during PHASE1 of the project and Strengthen the IPs of the project to work with the PACP (provincial Aids Control program).

Program Implementation in the field

During WASH Program I developed school hygiene and manuals for teachers, PTCs and students and also prepared community WASH & Watsan manuals for the rightsholders. But in the course of my career conducted thirty (30) community training in the CAFOD funded and fifty (50) WASH-related training during the RAHA project funded by UNHCR. I also facilitated Field Engineer Watsan for the construction, water quality testing in 60 water supply schemes.

I was responsible for the preparation & submission of donors’ report to share the project progress as well as conducted Hygiene midterm evaluation. Developed WASH Information Education Communication (IEC) material in CRS own funded project and in RAHA project funded by UNHCR. Also completed 35 DWSS in CAFOD project with the collaboration with WASH team and done a rapid assessment of IDPS during the IDPs response project. remained the part of the team in authority for the distribution of Non Food Items during the internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) response & flood response 2010 in CRS emergency response team. I was a member of gender committee and emergency core response team in CRS Pakistan country program.

Working with Different Projects

Working on rural water supply and sanitation project give me a chance to prove myself in the field of WASH. I Completed 180 DWSS & Sanitation Schemes in the assigned region. Completed 40 numbers of Latrine construction schemes in the girls & boys public schools. Beside this provided facilitation to 50 numbers of VOs (village organization). with social welfare department and changed their status in to CCBs citizen community board. Prepared & timely submission of the regional quarterly monitoring report.

To the RWSSP head office and facilitated all donors monitoring visit successfully in my assigned region. Working on NRM project give me a chance to understand the Philosophy of Natural Resource Management. During my job I developed VLUP (village land use plan) and assisted Divisional Forest Officer. In the preparation of IRMP (integrated resource management plan) in Abbottabad circle of Hazara Forest Division. Generated 20 numbers of income generation unit in NRM communities. Conducted 26 NRM awareness’s workshops in Hazara Forest region and 20 income generation trainings with the women of NRM based communities. Build the capacity of 30 numbers of VOs, VDC,WDC (village development committee & women development committee) by delivering different trainings. like record keeping, sericulture, apiculture, kitchen gardening & poultry farming.

Educational Qualification of Field Coordinator

03 masters in social sciences & 01 in Management is also one of the strong key strength to meet the requirement of development sector projects.

Masters in Project Management

SZABIST, Islamabad.

Masters in Development Studies

COMSATS, Abbottabad.

Masters of Arts in Political Science

Hazara University, Dodihal.

Languages   used by Field Coordinator

Proficient in reading, writing and speaking English & Urdu and can also understand Punjabi , Pashtu ,Sindi & Hindko.

Main Training Conducted by Field Coordinator

  •  Workshop of One week on “VillageLandUsePlanning” organized by Forest Department.
  • One week “TrainingofTrainers(TOTs)” organized by Forest Department.
  • Training of One week  of “SocialOrganization” from HRDI Islamabad in calibration with Forest Department.
  • The One week training of “EnterpriseDevelopment” from ECI Islamabad in calibration with the Forest Department.
  • One week “OrientationTraining” from HRD Forest Department.
  • Five days training on “PlanningandMonitoring” organized by Forest Department. 
  • Three days orientation training on “Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Project” organized by HRDC with calibration with SRSP.
  • Five days training on “Social Mobilization/ Health & Hygiene Education” organized by HRDC in calibration with SRSP.
  • Two days training on “Health&Hygiene Promotion” organized by HRDC in calibration with SRSP.
  • Two days workshop on “ProjectOrientation” with TMA’s of Abbottabad Region organized by HRDC in calibration with RWSSP.
  • 2 days workshop on “Social Mobilization and Field Implementation Strategy” organized by HRDC in calibration with SRSP.
  • Two days training on “MasterTrainers, Health&Hygiene” in emergency situation organized by Emergency Response Project (ERP) for Earthquake
  • 2 days training course on “Gender Sensitization” organized by HRDC Peshawar.
  • One day training on “Health&Hygiene Promotion” organized by RWSSP & T.A Team.
  • Four days workshop on “Community Citizen Board Networking” conducted by DTCE.
  • Five days “Hands on” training workshop on “Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS)” organized by Integrated Rural Support Programme (IRSP) & World Support Programme (WSP).
  • Conducted training regarding “Health & Hygiene Promotion” to the field Staff at CRSManshera office.
  • 2 days training on HIV/AIDS organized by CRS Islamabad.
  • 05 days counseling training on psychosocial support of PLHIVs (people living with HIV and AIDs) organized by CRS.