Muhammad Saqqaf Yasir

Mohammad Saqqaf Yasir

Muhammad Saqqaf Yasir, is well known social worker, human rights activist, political analyst and development expert with following credentials;

  1. He is a Ph.D. (Scholar) in the field of International Relations and covers the areas of Foreign Aid and Terrorism.
  2. He keeps more than 20 years of experience working in the social development sector. In various positions with different National and International organizations since 2001.
  3. He is also a qualified advocate to appear before the High Court. Therefore, keeps appropriate knowledge of laws, acts, regulatory compliance, etc, applicable to government and non-government organizations.  
  4. He got education from renowned institutions including the LUMS and the University of Peshawar comprising of Ph.D. (Scholar), LLB, MA (International Relations), SEMP, and MSc (Sociology) along with more than two dozen range of (National & International) courses related to the development sector.
  5. He served in all 4 provinces of Pakistan for developmental activities like Livelihood and Capacity Building Projects, Governance (including Election 2002, 2007-08 & 2013, etc) and emergency support including Earthquake 2005, Flood 2010-11, IDPs and COVID-19, etc.
  6. He got the opportunity to design and delivered various courses of capacity building on Human Rights, Disaster Risk Reduction & Management, CBDRM (Community Based Disaster Risk Management), Social Mobilization, Team Building, Leadership, Fundamental Rights, Civic Education, Election Management & Observation, Interfaith Harmony, Conflict Management, Peace and Partnership, etc.
  7. Also managed and Implemented projects on Transparency, Accountability, Women Empowerment, Governance, Disaster Management, Election System, Livelihood, Access to Justice, Capacity Building, Health, Education, Environment, Skill Development, and Research, etc.
  8. He also contested General Election 2018. For the seat of the National Assembly from Peshawar. As an independent candidate for the voice of the voiceless people.

Muhammad Saqqaf Yasir is the development expert, politician, and human rights activist. And got the opportunity to represent Pakistan twice in the United Nation.